My Dying Words

While I’m on my death bed…..  My mind and heart are full.  Who should I call?  Who should I tell, ‘I love you’? What are my regrets, my mistakes?

I had a revelation as of late. Live, not only as though you were dying but as though you were reflecting on your whole life.

From the moment I had this feeling I began to see things differently, to want to live courageously!!

I will tell you what I WONT be saying….

“Man, I’m so glad I played it safe and didnt take any chances. i’m so happy i protected myself from getting a broken heart. Yeah, I hated my job but I stayed there for 40 years because of the security. My husband and I no longer have anything in common and we sleep in separate beds but we’ve been together for 51 years. I didnt pursue my childhood dreams because so many people told me they were foolish.”


Is that how you want to reflect?

I will say that i was fearless! That i grabbed life by the balls. I stayed true to myself regardless of the naysayers. I took chances even though there were times I thought I was crazy for making them. Because right now:

I happily live in the moment.

I’m not afraid to be true to myself, to live in my truth.

I laugh all the time.

I question things like religion because it’s my human right to do so.

I’m not afraid to fall in love, no really fall in love.

I do things that make me happy.

I live in my higher purpose.

i pursue my dreams.

….. So when that day comes, when i am a very old woman many, many, many, many moons from now i can rejoice in the fact that i didnt live a life where i tried to protect myself from everything. I will say i did it, i did it all……
So, for the love of God (for the love of you) stop playing it safe! Stop putting it off! Stop waiting until tomorrow! And by all means, stop being so serious!


7 thoughts on “My Dying Words

  1. Oh folly have you fled
    to daub no more within mine eyes colors fleeting
    sword of reason cuts your brush, bleeding
    in rainbow cast, hue of innocence faintly
    spew lifeless upon stone compliance
    benign and complacent, whimsy gated

    Flee folly! Save yourself
    whisper amid the babe’s breath and crocus spring
    how reckless your song tangles windswept melody
    dance on path of rays and beams meander
    chatter ringlets soothe wrinkled brow in memory
    I loose my grip lest I stifle thee

    Folly leave me to my despair
    guild bliss feathers chance on wings
    to star mystique soars my folly away
    woe leers forward cloaked in reason’s regalia
    I, a lover spurned and wanting
    and my folly, lost and not returning

    – a witch

  2. Beautiful 🙂

    I just wrote my love song version 😉

    It’s on my wanderersclassics page, if you’d like to check it out.

    Anyway, either way, thank you 🙂


  3. Great inspiring words. I see life now in a different way. Now that a black President is in office, anything can be accomplished..These are words that help me to believe in myself and dont give up on my dreams… Thank You

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