Come On Get Happy!!!

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!!! “What we believe is what we create” and I have found this to be true in a multitude of ways. By focusing on the positive we create the most outcomes. It’s not hard to flip switch our focus from the negative just by staying in the moment and knowing at the core that it always works out. Our lives are not mundane. They are wonderful and full of opportunities to grow and expand… Starting each day with these affirmations and then custom making your own will transform your life and your experiences….

My life was changed dramatically when i read the words my favorite artist Sananda Maitreya wrote,

You (yes YOU) are as beautiful and worthy of grace as any being ever born, your job being to realize this for yourself”.

I now live by those words and encourage you to truly live!!!!!!

Now… Sit quietly, take three deep breathes slowly and begin to say and feel the words…

My life is a blessing

I am a beautiful source of light

I am open to receive

I give freely

I have wonderful relationships

I welcome change

I now have unlimited abundance

I laugh and find time for play each day

My existence makes the world more beautiful

My life is full of adventure

I am powerful

I am successful

I am health

I fall in love with me a little more each day

I live in a beautiful, safe world

I have more money coming in than going out

I love my body

I enjoy eating healthy

Each day is better than the last

I am love!!!

..And so it is


3 thoughts on “Come On Get Happy!!!

  1. Wow! Your affirmations are powerful. Many people don’t real-eyes this but auto-suggestion thru affirmation is a very effective way to create change. I have a whole cd of affirmations. You’ve inspired me to post them as blogs. Thank you eternally!

  2. Hey Jennia

    I made it! Great words to live by! You have to know after seeing my blog how much this affirmation and the beautiful energy of your site resonates with my heart and soul.

    Your exuberance and joy for life is healing and inspirational. I’ve been asking Spirit for some time now, WHERE IS MY TRIBE?!? This last week, I truly believe you all are starting to make an appearance. I won’t belabor you with questions like, “What took you so long?” I’m just going to smile sweetly and feel blessed and grateful…

    I look forward to sharing and seeing what beauty and magic we can conjure up on this path of love and light.

    Talk to you soon,


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