The road to Happyness…

It’s not about the destination… It’s a damn good journey

I would love to hear from you!

How do you get there? Is it music? Laughter? Sex? Shuffleboard? Sorcery? Scrabble?

The beauty of it all is that there is no one way to find and live in your joy…. so let me know, lovelies…


4 thoughts on “The road to Happyness…

  1. For me, happiness is in flow and harmony, however that should happen :)Laughter, sex, shuffleboard, sorcery and, admittedly, often less so scrabble have all been great sources of happiness for me 😀 And you?

  2. @varen01 -> Did you talk with me? I’m going to find the happyness every time I’m going to do sport (ciclyng or mountain bike or swimming) or the BEST HAPPYNESS is when I spend my time with the most important people of my life 🙂

  3. For me happiness is what I feel like doing when I clear away all external influences (work, family, friends, media, social conditioning, shame, etc…) I find in my experience that one thing cannot consistently make me happy. I try something and like it and extract joy from it only to master it or put it into perspective and go on to something new. In this sense happiness is more a journey as you said rather than a specific hobby. Happiness always has something new and surprising for me every day. Happiness is experiencing what you want deep inside of you.

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