I have made a very clear decision to follow my happiness… to let that feeling of joy be thing I measure all else against. Even declaring it feels good, it takes up a completely different space than fear or worry..

Yesterday after listening to Michael Beckwith (from The Secret) speak, he said something that stuck: “Everything is happening for my greater good”

…And that is the reality… All of life is beautiful! I wont wait another minute to feel this bliss, it is all here for me. I will speak it into existance everyday …. and NOW, DAMNIT!


2 thoughts on “Now, DAMNIT!!

  1. hey jennia. i saw u on jaywalking with jay leno tonight. i have to tell u that when they showed your face, my mouth dropped and i was in awe! u are sooo beautiful! but it was more then that, your inter beauty glowed more than your outside beauty. i heard u mention to jay that u were an actor and u named the movie your in. i went to my pc and wanted to see if i had seen u in anything. your doing pretty good cause your all over the web. keep doing what your doing and u will go even further. i saw your myspace and that was a trip cause what u have on there are alot of the things i like and the way look at life. from larry david to what life is all about. this might not mean anything to you, but. this is the 1st blog or message i have sent to a stranger. i belive it was your beauty,inter glow and just u as a human is what did it for me. guess its a 1st time for everything. take care. ————philgood

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