Me and Oprah

We’ve heard it all before… “Dream the impossible dream”  Well, are we just hearing it or believing it?  Life is a verb and I wont waste another minute waiting for someone to shine their light on me… I will shine mine without a moment of trepidation because if we are truly luminous, that makes it easier for everyone else to see.

I say all that because like I do with many things, I took a chance. Oprah is creating an opportunity and I’m going for it… I’m not auditioning in a small room for a few, I’m doing it for all the world to see and excuse me for getting deep but it’s bigger than a funny 3 minute video, It’s me still being that 5 year old girl that believes she can have what she dreams about!!!

With a light heart we can change the world.

Now…Watch… Love… VOTE!!!!


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