New Leaves

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions as I truly believe that everyday is a day we can make new and start fresh, yet at this year’s end I do feel compelled to speak on some of the things that I not only learned but applied.  Why, you ask do I feel the need to express this? Maybe it’s the detox I’m doing, or the prayer for clarity, or it could be the fact that I’m a mom. Whatever the reason, sharing this with you feels divine.

Here are some of truths I’ve been blessed with:

There is so much power in claiming what you want to the Universe. The saying, “A closed mouth don’t get fed” truly applies. I began a thank you letter every morning for things that I am grateful and all that I have yet to recieve and WOW!!! The list for things not yet recieved keeps getting smaller and blessings keep coming. ( google the “15 minute miracle”)

Compassion is key! We only lose by looking down at those with less than us or those that make big mistakes. The power of taking a deep breath, sending them love, and finding a way to understand eliminates a TON of Karma. This was learned in the hardest of ways.

I know this one sounds simple but.. Stay Positive! Is your glass half empty or half full? There is no correct answer but I promise the choice of half full will bring you so much joy.  I am blessed to have always had a cheery view on life but that doesn’t mean life has thrown me some serious blows. Regardless of all that happens remember this; it always works out.

Take care of yourself! Eat healthy foods that nourish you, surround yourself with friends that want you to win and don’t allow all the toxins from the media (i.e. the news) into your life as all that negativity is designed to keep you afraid.

Lastly, show the people in your world that you appreciate them. A simple I love you or thanks for all that you’ve done goes a long way. Most agree that if they lost that special someone in their lives, they would focus solely on all that they love so why not start today..

Now it’s your turn.. What did you learn?


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