I recognize the power we have to create.  I also recognize that once we create the things we desire, more desire is born. This is a great part of the human experience but I failed to acknowledge the blessings I manifested before jumping ship to the next goal.

Last week, I caught myself asking, pleading, meditating, begging and praying for something I already had. The reason? It’s a habit. I have been praying for it for years, (“God, please give me a TV show”) so many years that I forgot I actually had the damn thing and by habit I was still asking for it. 

I also learned something huge: Don’t ask for something from a space of not having it. Ask as though it is already yours!

I caught myself and had to laugh.  Then I asked myself, what else am I not standing in appreciation of?  I thought of my health, abundance, laughter, love, great family, friends that adore me, Happiness and remembered that I have so very much.

I set so many goals that I forget to appreciate the things that come easily. So, today I will focus on all the great happenings, which in turn, creates more great happenings and we can all do the same. Don’t judge another as lucky or unlucky because they are creating  just like everyone else. The question is, are we creating what we want?

Let everyday be January 1st, a chance to start over and have all that we crave!

Much Love,


Have a look at what keeps me inspired (thanks Ester) (watching this video and many like it will bring more than you could ever wish for.. I swear)

Wanna see clips from my show?


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