Escape Artist…

A pied a terre.. Our little getaway.. A flat to pass on.

A sweet view but who needs a view when the inside is complete with a tufted couch, drawings, chandeliers in bird cages and a killer bedroom in the same stone color scheme… A place like this has me praying for rain, the crackle of the fire place and long, slow, deep kisses..

Moves Like Jagger

Warhol painted her. Yves Saint Laurent dressed her. Mick married her. Vogue covered her. If it were the 70’s, I would be Her.

As a kid, I found an amazing book of photos covering Studio 54 in it’s hay day and there she was: dark eyes and skin, gorgeous, thin, wearing Halston and all the while she seemed so aloof, so care free. She is Bianca Jagger, a style Icon.

It’s no mystery why all the great artists of that day mused her or why she landed on Vogue’s cover.. She was the ultimate party girl and as she posed and rarely smiled in her photos it always seemed as though she had a secret.

She made glamour look so easy…

(singing) I want the moves like Jagger..

Elephant and Castle

I woke up this morning thinking about London. The big city with its bright red, double decker buses, a king and queen, streets named Elephant and Castle, areas like Picadilly Circus… All of it feels so whimsical when I’m there…

I love the high tea (two lumps please), the palace guards in their big fur hats, the doll shops, the pubs, the ferris wheel and how it all reminds me of Peter Pan, nursery rhymes and Miroslav Sasek’s water color images of the enchanted city..

. From the book “This Is London”

Thanks for teaching me how…

When I was 19 and living on my own I bought my mom a simple card that said so much:
“Thanks for teaching me how!”

I am beyond blessed.  She taught me rhythm, love, music, cooking, positivity and strength. She introduced me to the literary greats like James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Langston Hughs  and many more.. She exposed me to travel and amazing museums and galleries..
Augustine’s lessons were much more than the finer things in life, the lady taught me common sense. I love that she never gossips and has no time for drama..
Above all, one of my favorite things about my mom is her love for laughter.

As I go through life I realize what a powerful part Mothers play..

Happy Birthday Mom!

I’m still learning from you and I appreciate all that you are!