Hotel Des Arts…

America is my country and Paris is my hometown.  -Gertrude Stein

These words express how I feel best. Some one once asked me, “Why must you always go to Paris?”

“No one ever asks why one goes home, Paris is like going home”, I replied

The streets, the people, the music, the PDA, the bread, the wine, the fashion, the poetry that pours out of me the minute I land… I’m planning a trip, as we speak.

I want cheese and croissants for breakfast whilst sipping on du chocolat before I sit on the Sacre Couer steps and daydream. I want to walk and walk and walk in the rain… I want to kiss in Montmarte.. I want to sit at a cafe on Rue Tholoze for hours and think about what Van Gogh’s life was like here and… I want you to come..


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