Years ago, I’m in Milan doing the usual, having drinks with friends…it’s around 3 or 4am and we are all laughing and sharing secrets. We are dancers, actors, designers, lovers and Franco Bruccoleri (he’s like a father to me, to all of us), says he has something we must see. It is the work of Gregory Colbert. He introduced us to “Ashes and Snow” and for the first time, all of us were… silent.

The photos were like a dream that we had all shared… I cried (I blame it on the liquor) when he showed us the film and then for my birthday Franco gave me a Colbert Original.

Shortly after moving away from Milan, Ashes and Snow was coming to LA. I was thrilled! Franco was coming to stay with us and he was going to introduce me to Gregory, the creator.. I could barely sleep.

Even though I was excited, I remember days before, something about all of it felt off.  My feelings were right… Franco died just one day before his trip to LA.

I was crushed and didn’t want to go but still felt the pull to see Colbert’s great work in person.  So.. I go. I cry. I’m inspired… As I’m leaving, I actually see Gregory Colbert. It was like Franco orchestrated us running into each other in that very moment. Gregory loved Franco just like all of us did. Gregory and I got to talk and hang in LA and NY. Such a great spirit and artist.

Thank you Franco! Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Requiem

    • yes but nothing about Franco was sad. he was full of Light! we all miss him but he is still with me..and in spirit he still introduced me to Gregory… thank you for commenting..

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