The 500 Million Dollar Question

I think in life we have to be honest with ourselves. Recently, I thought about my life in a very real way. The whole thing. I took a hard look and then I asked myself the question:

If you had a half a billion dollars what would you do? How would it change you? I know many of my friends would leave jobs, some would leave relationships, others would even leave the city in which they live… Me? I wouldn’t change a thing and that’s a very good feeling…

I love acting and being an artist, I love LA, I have a great love life and I love creating..

Don’t get me wrong, there would be some serious alterations!  I would change my square footage, I would do more traveling, buy some very big toys, an apartment in Paris, take care of my extended family, visit more castles, have caviar for breakfast but the essence of my life would remain the same because I’m happily pursuing my dreams

Now..You just got a check for 500 million bucks, what would you do?



1 thought on “The 500 Million Dollar Question

  1. 500 million dollar check man first off let me start by saying that’s a lot of money lol i can’t exactly say what i would do with it but i can say this it wouldn’t change me as a person but my lifestyle my family lifestyle might be a lot different then what it is now but then again like i said who know what 500 million will do to them unless they actually receive it you know

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