Who’s that girl?

Jennia Fredrique is an actor, published author, lover, philanthropist, laugher, gay rights activist, hedonist, dancer and human. She has been studying metaphysics for years and believes life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.  She escapes to Europe frequently and lived in Milan, Dublin, Paris and Germany for a spell.

Her current goals include flying a kite, riding a hot air balloon, holding a butterfly and having tea with the queen…

She is the Urban Gypsy, the Lovely Goddess….

For more info go to www.jenniafredrique.com or simply google her…. .


4 thoughts on “Who’s that girl?

  1. Just took a look at your website, keep doing your thing, it was remarkable, but I can honestly say i didn’t picture you as a comedian, you were so quiet in French class, but I can say I knew you were always going to make it big, and you did just that. Much love, peace, respect, and happiness to you and continued success in all of your endeavors. xoxoxox ~Qiana~

  2. i also lived in germany “for a spell”, 13 years! in berlin & erfurt…were u anywhere near?

    loved ur work in noah, “sorry i’m late…and i still don’t look as fabulous as you do!” loved it sis!

    stay true on ur glorious path & continue 2 be blessed! mami watu

  3. Jennia, been an admirer of yours since the first day i seen you on half & half. I would often think to myself is she as beautiful & classy off camera as she is on camera.. I think I already knw the answer to that. ***Smiles*** You amaze me with your glorious beauty and devine essence… Caan’t wait to see more of you soon..

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