It Pours..

I wish tonight was thundering and lightning. Rain pouring down on us.

We’d have to duck into one of those big french doorways to keep from getting wet… Between the laughter, the brandy we drank and the noise from the rain.. we would make love…

I don’t care who sees us..


Song’s A Year Long & Had Been Playin 4 Months

“Up on the mic repeating 2 words over and over again
Was this woman he had never noticed before
He lost himself in the articulated manner in which she said them
These 2 words – a little bit behind the beat
I mean just enough 2 turn U on
4 every time she said the words
Another one of his doubts were gone” -Prince

I will never be the person I was before I heard this song.  The lyrics, the guitar, the way the beat drags.  Joy in Repetition. The title could not be truer. This song grabbed me and has not let me go ..

No one else was watching her
She didn’t seem 2 care
So over and over she said the words
Till he could take no more (No more)
He dragged her from the stage
And 2gether they ran through the back door
In the alley over by the curb he said – “Tell me, what’s your name?”
She only said the words again and it started 2 rain (Rain, rain, rain)
2 words falling between the drops and the moans of his condition
Holding someone is truly believing that there’s joy in repetition



Kevin Hart Exclusive!!


Many Many thanks to all for making my interview with Kevin Hart his most watched interview of all time.
And trust me, this is just a clip, Beyond The Talent will begin airing this fall..
Watch this snippet from the set of his lastest film..

Stay Tuned for Updates or go to

The Great Gatsby

I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

He wore a high collar from Darcy’s in London and an ascot, I wore vintage and the longest lashes I could find.
We happily landed at the Beverly Hills Hotel at bar 1912. We drank old fashioned sidecars, danced to the music the dj played and the music in our hearts.. And oh yeah…we kissed…


Animal Attraction

I wasn’t the only one out to soothe my savage beast by wearing animal print today..
I matched my leopard scarf with Carrara shades, chocolate leather and light Jeans.
The fashionista I spotted moments later on Sunset looks great in a fab faux fur, hot sunglasses and dark Jeans.. Love!



Second Glance

I just ran across this photo of Me and Michael Jackson’s big brother Jackie in the Vegas opening of Michael’s Cirque du Soliel show.

Looking back at photos from this night, I cant tell you why I was hesitant about this dress. It’s no secret that I adore feathers and I love the cream color with all of it’s embellishments (Sue Wong BTW), so why was I so indecisive? Did I mention I was in Vegas?! I could’ve made the hair bigger, the eye smokier, and the heel

All in all, It was a beautiful night. The entire Jackson family was there including Michael’s mom and kids, I had front row seats and Cirque knows how to put on a show… Who’s Bad?