First Kiss …In Color

I loved First Kiss but wanted to see myself represented.
I didn’t complain, I did something about it. Its time to break down stereotypes.
Many of us saw ourselves in First Kiss, I just wanted everyone to see themselves in us.


Behind The Scenes..


LOL at me & the fabulous cast of According To Him & Her! And then watch us on Centric and Bet!
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Why Don’t You? An Ode To Madame Vreeland.


Why don’t you..paint a map of the world on all four walls of your boys’ nursery so they won’t grow up with a provincial point of view?Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland changed the face of fashion and she changed the minds of woman all over the world.

Her Harper’s Bazaar column in the 1930’s had the women of that day inspired to think outside the mundane. I love her. As an ode to DV I made up my own ‘why don’t yous’ and inspire you to do something different.. today and always…

So… Why don’t you….

…Stop watching TV for a week.

…Send an ‘eat your heart out’ pic to your ex with only the words “just saying hi” and when he calls or texts, don’t respond.

…Only listen to music from the 40’s for a spell.

…Acknowledge that your mom did the very best she could then call and thank her.

…Step it waay up at work and then… Ask for a raise.

…Take a trip to Paris with a girlfriend and when you get there make a new “friend”.


…Learn a new language.

…go on a vintage only shopping trip and buy something fabulous.

…Wear red today.

…Kiss a beauttiful stranger

Why don’t you?

Diana Vreeland was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for the fashion magazines Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and as a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Field of Dreams

Last night I dreamed of my childhood home in Indiana. It was night and I was laying next to my house in a beautiful field of daffodils. All I felt was peace and the buzzing of bees.

I looked it up in my Dreamer’s Dictionary.. Daffodils: Seen growing out of doors in a garden, or in a field, they indicate an unusually long and happy future.

What did you dream of last night?

It Pours..

I wish tonight was thundering and lightning. Rain pouring down on us.

We’d have to duck into one of those big french doorways to keep from getting wet… Between the laughter, the brandy we drank and the noise from the rain.. we would make love…

I don’t care who sees us..

Me as I was..

It’s easy for the the days to start to run together as time moves so quickly and it’s even easier to lose sight of why we came.

The mundane aspects of life coupled with a blinding drive for success can cause us to forget what it’s all about.

Do you remember why you wanted to dance? Do you remember why you wanted to fall in love? Why you wanted to make people laugh? Why you wanted to paint? Why you wanted to be a designer? Why you wanted to teach?

When you catch yourself, like I did, stuck in the not real or worried about illusions.. Remember.

You only want the things you want because you feel you will be happier in the having of those things.. so why not feel good now? Go to the beach. Hang out with people who understand you. Cook an amazing meal. Dance to old music. Sing in the shower.. FEEL GOOD NOW!

I always think of these words from the play Six Degrees Of Separation:

“This is what I dreamt. I didn’t dream, so much as realize this. I feel so close to the paintings. I’m not just selling them, like, pieces of meat. I remembered why I loved paintings in the first place, what got me into this. I thought… dreamt… remembered… how easy it is for a painter to lose a painting. He paints and paints, works on a canvas for months, and then, one day, he loses it. Loses the structure, loses the sense of it. You lose the painting.”

Dont lose your painting..

There is nothing more paramount than seizing the day.. Carpe Diem

The 500 Million Dollar Question

I think in life we have to be honest with ourselves. Recently, I thought about my life in a very real way. The whole thing. I took a hard look and then I asked myself the question:

If you had a half a billion dollars what would you do? How would it change you? I know many of my friends would leave jobs, some would leave relationships, others would even leave the city in which they live… Me? I wouldn’t change a thing and that’s a very good feeling…

I love acting and being an artist, I love LA, I have a great love life and I love creating..

Don’t get me wrong, there would be some serious alterations!  I would change my square footage, I would do more traveling, buy some very big toys, an apartment in Paris, take care of my extended family, visit more castles, have caviar for breakfast but the essence of my life would remain the same because I’m happily pursuing my dreams

Now..You just got a check for 500 million bucks, what would you do?


My Today..

I choose to feel good.. really good..


Remember that being a success without happiness is meaningless.
– Richard Denny –
If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page
– Mark Houlahan –

Pinup Couture

I just have to thank the very fabulous Pinup Couture. I love the retro look and a while back they gifted me with some amazing pieces that I love to pull out of my closet and rock on the red carpet!! The fem cuts made popular in the 50’s and 60’s are just peachy for a girl with curves..

Elephant and Castle

I woke up this morning thinking about London. The big city with its bright red, double decker buses, a king and queen, streets named Elephant and Castle, areas like Picadilly Circus… All of it feels so whimsical when I’m there…

I love the high tea (two lumps please), the palace guards in their big fur hats, the doll shops, the pubs, the ferris wheel and how it all reminds me of Peter Pan, nursery rhymes and Miroslav Sasek’s water color images of the enchanted city..

Art From the book “This Is London”